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Tax Services

Fast refunds with electronic filing if you would like to receive your refund within approximately 7 to 10 business days with direct deposit.

Electronic Payment Options- convenient, safe, and secure.



Rates vary from case to case. Please feel free to contact me so that I may provide you with an estimate.


What do I need?

  1. A Picture ID (driver’s license, employee or, Student ID, Passport) for you and your spouse.
  2. Social Security cards or proof of social security for you , your spouse and all your dependents.
  3. W-2’s from each employer (for you and your spouse).
  4. Unemployment compensation (form 1099-G).
  5. Total cash or any other money you received for work performed not included on W-2’s or 1099.
  6. If received non-employment compensation (contract wages) from anyone (1099-misc).
  7. Amount of any student loan interest paid (form 1098-E).
  8. Information of any moving expenses paid.
  9. If you made any retirement contributions to IRA or other (KEOGH,SEP, etc).
  10. If you paid day care – name, address & SSN (tax ID of day care provider and amount paid).
  11. If you have bank/financial accounts – Interest (1099-INT), Dividends and Capital gains.
  12. If you have stock or mutual funds sales (1099B). Bring records regarding your cost basis on property sold.
  13. If you own a home – records of real estate taxes, mortgage interest (form 1098).
  14. State and local sales taxes paid for the year. If you did not keep records, we will just need sales taxes paid on major purchases (Car, motorcycle, motor home, RV, truck, van, or off road vehicles).
  15. If you own a business – records of all revenue (1099-MISC) and expenses for the business.
  16. Amount paid for any charitable donations, personal property taxes, medical expenses, employee business expenses, or expenses for managing your investment.
  17. If you purchased or sold a home (1099-S) in 2010, bring all closing statements.
  18. If you had any casualty or theft losses.
  19. Partnership or Trust Income (Schedule K-1).
  20. Any alimony paid or received.
  21. Records of any quarterly estimate tax payments made during 2010.
  22. Any other income – jury duty, gambling winnings, prizes/awards, scholarships/fellowships, state income tax refunds.
  23. Anything else you think might be tax deductible.
  24. A copy of last year’s tax return (for new clients only).
  25. Economic stimulus payment received in 2010 as shown on notice 1378.